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City-wide Street Assessment and Paving Schedule

The City of Smithville contracted with Freeland Turk Engineering Group, LLC (FTEG) to conduct a city-wide street assessment and sign inventory. FTEG utilized the Roadbotics technology to collect street and sign data back in December 2019. The city has approximately 40-miles of city-maintained public roadways and over 600 street signs within the city limits. Roadbotics provides a rating category at approximately 10' intervals along every roadway and assigns a level for each point. Each point is combined along a roadway segment, typically block to block, or intersection to intersection (such as alleys) and the collective segment is assigned an average rating. There are 806 street segments in the Smithville assessment. A description of the ratings along with the percentage of Smithville street segments falling into those categories are described below:

  • Level 1 "Green" = 1.00 to 1.49 - 3.60% (29 of the 806 segments) were rated Level 1. No or very minor surface damage. This road may be a newly paved roadway.
  • Level 2 "Light Green" = 1.5 to 2.49 - 39.95% (322 of the 806 segments) were rated Level 2. Minor surface damage, no critical issues. This road is starting to show typical wear and tear.
  • Level 3 "Yellow" = 2.5 to 3.49 - 40.32% (325 of the 806 segments) were rated Level 3. Appearance of pervasive surface distresses. Important surface issues are starting to show.
  • Level 4 "Orange" = 3.5 to 4.49 - 12.41% (100 of the 806 segments) were rated Level 4. Significant damage or emerging critical failures. Road damage is beginning to intensify.
  • Level 5 "Red" = 4.5 to 5.00 - 1.49% (12 of the 806 segments) were rated Level 5. Major surface damage and/or critical surface failures are present on the road surface.
  • Not Rated "Gray" = No Score - 2.23% (18 of the 806 segments) were not rated. Unpaved or dirt roadways will fall into this category. Occasionally, a severely deteriorated paved roadway, or a chip sealed roadway with light colored or brown colored gravel will fall into this category.


Level 4 and 5 rated streets have been prioritized for repair and included in the City’s overall street maintenance plan.  City-wide road paving and repair will continue throughout the community during the summer months. The roads listed below will be prepped, resurfaced and repaved. The Bastrop County Maintenance Department (who owns the paving equipment) will be doing the work with support from the City of Smithville.  This project will require partial and temporary street closures with notification of area residents and business owners 24-48 hours in advance.   Pot-hole repairs will continue throughout town as pot-holes are identified.  Citizens can report a pot-hole using the Smithville SEE/CLICK/FIX link on the City Website or by downloading the SCF app to their smart phones.  For a copy of the complete street maintenance report / plan, click on the following link



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