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City of Smithville Seeking FBO Proposals

Request For Proposal

Smithville Crawford Municipal Airport Fixed Base Operator (FBO)

1.  Lease shall be for a period of two (2) years.

2.  The purpose is to operate an aviation facility providing for the sales, repair, service, and maintenance of aircraft. No commercial operations other than those stated in this paragraph shall be conducted on the leased property without prior consent of the City Manager.

3.  Lessee shall act as a “FIXED BASE OPERATOR” (FBO) for the Smithville Crawford Municipal Airport located at 765 Loop 230 NW / Smithville, TX / 78957.  As a FIXED BASE OPERATOR (FBO), Lessee agrees to manage the ramp and aircraft parking thereon. This ramp shall be primarily used for transient aircraft parking. Lessee shall be granted use of the City-owned hangar for the storage, repair, service, selling, and maintenance of aircraft.  Furthermore, Lessee is authorized to set-up an FBO office in the City-owned Pilot’s Lounge.  Computer equipment (e.g., hard drive, monitor, printer, etc.) will be provided at the Lessee’s expense.

4.  Lessee, as a further consideration for the lease of the above facilities, does hereby covenant and agree that Lessee shall, at its expense, including costs and attorney’s fees, defend, save and hold Lessor harmless from any and all action, claims and liabilities because of the actions, non-action, negligence (whether active or passive) of Lessee or Lessee’s Agents, servants, employees, invitees, guests, officers or otherwise.  Lessee shall provide or show proof of a certificate of insurance with regard to the above conditions.  Lessee shall provide and pay for liability insurance in an amount not less than One Million Dollars ($1,000,000) for each accident.  Please note: Other insurance may be required to operate as an FBO.

5.  Lessee further covenants and agrees that it shall at all times maintain all buildings, structures, and premises leased to it in the condition as received and keep it in a neat and orderly manner, broom clean, in good repair, and adequately painted.  Lessor shall be responsible for the repair and maintenance of the roof, exterior walls, foundation and structural members of any City-owned buildings.  Lessee shall not permit the accumulation upon the leased property of any refuse, waste, debris, trash, junk, discarded aircraft components and/or discarded personal property. Inoperative aircraft shall be stored within the City-owned Hangar or approved tie-down area. 

6.  Lessee shall not be responsible for cutting the grass. 

7.  In connection with the aircraft maintenance and repair, Lessee shall store all chemicals, paint, oil, used oil, and fuel in approved containers or enclosures in compliance with State and Federal restrictions and guidelines.  

8.  Lessee may erect signs advertising his airport business and operations.  In no event shall any such sign extend beyond the boundaries of the leased tract and such signs shall be professionally done and in good taste. Such signs shall be maintained at all times in good order, and shall be in compliance with all City, State, and Federal restrictions and guidelines.

9.  Lessee agrees that the usage of the land/hangar plus any associated apron shall be limited to the parking / hangaring of his personal/company owned aircraft or personal/company owned aircraft of tenants.  No automobile, bus, truck, or other transportation mode may be permanently or habitually parked or stored on/in the land/hangar except in approved automobile parking areas and as agreed upon by Lessor.  Lessee agrees that he/she will not conduct any commercial activity other than aircraft engine, airframe, avionics maintenance and repair, or sales of aircraft at the Airport without the written consent of Lessor.  Any commercial operation other than those listed above must be in accordance with a separate contract agreement with Lessor.

10.  Lessee shall provide and pay for all utility service to his facilities with the exception of those to the runway and beacon light.  Individual ground lease holders shall pay their own utility service fees.  Lessee shall provide and maintain a clean pilot lounge and public restroom during regular hours of operation.

11.  Lessee shall provide access code, combination, and/or key to the airport hangar and pilot’s lounge to the Smithville Police Department. The City of Smithville, acting by and through its duly authorized agents, servants and employees, shall have reasonable access to the airport at all times for the purpose of inspection, repair, maintenance and patrol of all of the airport buildings and land.

12.  Lessee shall conduct quarterly inspections of all airport facilities both leased and under his control with written reports provided to the Lessor by the 10th day of the month following each quarter.  Due dates for quarterly inspections are as follows:  January 10 / April 10 / July 10 / October 10.

13.  Lessee shall maintain regular hours of operation as stated in the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Chart Supplements (formerly the Airport/Facility Directory).  Currently those hours are Monday through Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

14.  Lessee shall not park any aircraft or vehicles in such a manner as to hinder the free movement of other aircraft upon the runway, taxiway, or parking or tie down areas of said airport.

15.  Lessee shall regularly inspect and maintain the taxiway, runway, PAPI, and beacon lights to ensure they are in working condition.  The City will purchase and provide replacement bulbs as the need arises.  Damage occurring to lights due to normal wear and tear will be the responsibility of the City.

16.  Fuel Concession – Currently, the fuel concession at Smithville Crawford Airport is outsourced to a local vendor.  In the future, fueling services may be conducted at the airport provided the FBO:

                       a. Is properly trained and qualified to serve as an aircraft fueling technician;

b. Maintains a plan of action satisfactory to the airport manager in the event of a fuel spill, a copy of which is at all times available for inspection; and

c. Maintains not less than the minimum number of working fire extinguishers and grounding cables required by this article.

d. Upon the City taking over the fuel concession in the future, the Lessee and the City may work out an equitable commission structure with the Lessee

17.  Hangar Rental and Tie-Down Fees - Lessee has the right to rent hangar space and construct tie-down facilities, within the confines of this lease, and to make these facilities available to aircraft owners on a reasonable fee basis. Fees will be set on a competitive basis with other FIXED BASE OPERATIONS in this area, subject to the approval of the City Manager.

18.  As further consideration, Lessee shall pay to the City of Smithville a sum of $_________per month for the duration of this agreement.  Payment shall be made on or before the 1st day of the month.

19.  This document shall serve as the Bid Form.  In order to be complete, this form must be signed and have an amount written on the line in Item 18 above.  In addition, Bidders shall submit a summary of qualifications, prior work history/experience, and list of references.  Bidders must be able to provide upon request sufficient proof of financial capability to fulfill the role of FBO.

20.  Proposals must be made in accordance with the instructions to Bidders furnished by the office of the City Manager. 

21.  Proposals must be sealed and marked “FBO Proposal”.  Sealed proposals must be delivered to the City of Smithville, City Manager, 317 Main Street, P.O. Box 449, Smithville, Texas 78957 on or before June 26, 2017 at 10:00 a.m.  Proposals will be publicly opened and read aloud at 10:15 a.m. on the aforementioned date in the Council Chambers of City Hall.

22.  The City reserves the right to reject any or all Proposals, to waive irregularities and /or informalities in any Proposal, and to make an award in any manner, consistent with law, deemed in the best interest of the City.


Robert Tamble, City Manager

512-237-3282 ext. 2169


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